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    Cohesive IT Infrastructure for
    Business Agility
    With SOA, Connectivity & Integration.

    SOA Connectivity & Integration solutions deliver fast flexible & reliable
    access to data, applications & information regardless of platform, device,
    or data formats in order to improve visibility with enhanced governance
    of services, processes and events.

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    Eidiko Business Process Management BPM
    Analyze & Improve
    Business Processes
    to Improve Productivity & Visibility

    Optimize Business Operations, Accelerate Task Completion,
    Change Management, integrate with core enterprise systems
    and Drive Continous insights into business operations to
    improve produtivity, Visibility & customer engagements.

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    Eidiko Infrastructure Management
    Cloud Security
    Cloud & Smarter
    Infrastructure Management
    for business continuity & resiliency.

    Modernize enterprises with infrastructure management tools like Tivoli, Maximo to achieve Business Agility.
    Managing infrastructure in real time is time consuming and expensive endeavour. Streamline complex
    IT infrastructures with IBM cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions
    to achieve business continuity and resiliency.

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    Create Smarter workforce to
    Connect, Collaborate & Innovate

    Empowering internal and external users to connect and collaborate by sharing information in
    real time, businesses can transform core processes to be more competetive and result oriented.
    By creating smarter workforce and providing customers with exceptional digital experiences,
    businesses can optimize their services to gain multifold advantages!

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    Enterprise Portal & ECM
    Decentralize Content creation
    Single Point Access to Enterprises
    Realtime Insights
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Enterprises have recently started leveraging the benefits of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social to drive their businesses. CAMS provides an integrated stack of all these technologies as a single platform to enable enterprises to gain great insights in real time.

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Modernize Enterprises

Enterprises are often hindered by complex infrastructures, outdated legacy systems and non scalable architectures. Eidiko leverages IBM technologies to provide robust leaner, scalable infrastructure that enable enterprises to multiply their productivity.

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Global Delivery

Eidiko, is adept at providing global services in a streamlined, optimized, Onsite-Offshore delivery model. Over the years we have perfected the art of delivering best in class services worldwide by implementing versatile project management methodologies.

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    IBM WebSphere Portal
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    IBM Integration Bus
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    IBM WebSphere Portal
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    IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • Portal Migration
    IBM WebSphere Portal

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